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Verbatim BD-R 25GB 6xspeedWhite Blue Surface Hard Coat 5pcs
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Varenr: V43715
Producent: Verbatim
SKU: 43715
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Long Lifetime
Optical discs are the ideal archival solution. They are dust and water resistant and can withstand changes in temperature and humidity. No need to worry about losing your precious files when your hard drive or USB drive fails, as it will be safe on a Blu-ray disc!

Hardcoat Scratch Guard
Verbatim Blu-ray discs feature HardCoat Scratch Guard to protect against fingerprints and dust build up, reducing recording or playback errors.

Product Details

Capacity: 25GB
Speed: 6x
Pack Style: 5 Pack Jewel Case

This disc complies with BD-R Specification Version 1.3

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