MediaRange CD-R 80min 52xspeed white inkjet fullface printable cakebox 25pcs
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Varenr: MR202
Producent: MediaRange
SKU: MR202
EAN: 4260057125019
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Enter your CD blanks into the world of individual appearance. You can print on the surface either to ensure your personal motifs or make the discs very professionally looking with a company logo. Thus perfecting the presentation with professional design.

High quality inkjet printable surface
Fully printable
The disc surface is fast drying
Permanent storage, the media is write once
Wide compatibility with burners and software
High recording speed
Extremely long archival life

Major applications:

Ideal for the exchange of data,
Ideal for creating audio CDs,
Ideal for creating audio CDs from MP3,
Perfect for storing and sharing pictures - and film files
Ideal for archiving and backup of important files

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